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Get a heaping helping of rainbows and cuteness with 芒奇独角兽! This Kickstarter success is now available to preorder via BackerKit, along with some thematic add-ons to go with the new mini-expansion. 

With the stretch goals, 芒奇独角兽 was able to grow into something much bigger, including its own 盒控股 and 灭 O 米! Since the mini-expansion features art from Katy Cook, Ian McGinty, and Len Peralta, we decided to include some optional add-ons featuring their art! You can get a combo pack of Katie's 小矮人小猫 and 芒奇小狗, throw in a copy of Len's 芒奇小丑, or even Ian's brand-new 芒奇的侧面任务.

零售商的水平也可以通过 BackerKit 的商店寻找股票的数量的游戏 (我们做检查, 以确保您是一个物理商店)。一些附加组件的数量是有限的, 所以要确保你步行到..。[ 更多 ]

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